Hi, my name is Anna Russell. I have lived in Oregon for my entire 24 years in the United States and love Oregon and its beauty. I received a degree in Ceramic Arts and Sculpture from the Art Institute of Ukraine. The disciplined and classical nature of the arts in Eastern European countries taught me the importance of composition and balance. Above all my work is about composition. I started silversmith and jewelry design in 2011, to which to brought my classical art training. I make all of my jewelry and ceramics myself by hand. None are mass produced nor duplicated. Each is an original by me. I carefully consider the design and composition of each piece I create as I carefully select individual gems. Watching me you would never know why I pick one gem and not the other. The adornments I also make by hand. My designs constantly evolve and change as my creative interests evolve. When I do shows, people tell me that they return just to see what new items I have created. I have many repeat customers as referrals and by word of mouth.
I still do ceramic arts as you can see with the garden globes and vases under ceramics but most of the time I make jewelry.



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