Art is something if an obsession for me. The making of it is soul-sustaining, however, that is not where my obsession lives. The transformative power of art is.

Art is the DNA of being human.

Visual art, it can be argued, is the underlayment of language, the one thing we say distinguishes us from all other life. Pictures scratched in the dirt and painted on cave walls were the original storytelling and communication tool that paved the way to language. It gave a visual voice to our experiences as humans then, as it does now. The images transcended barriers between clans—and time. The symbolism is unmistakable. Their meaning lies on both the surface and deep below…

The art I share here reflects both my soul, and transformation (for what is one without the other?).



Post a selfie to FB or IG in the hallway mini gallery with my art, or in the studio, and be entered into a drawing for a 13×19″ archival, museum quality print of one of my Doodles or digital art. 😀